Responsible Director at DOVE / Editorial Director Multimedial Project at RCS

Simona Tedesco, who was born in Turin and graduated from La Statale with flying colours, specialises in the christening of new projects, which she has done several times for print, web and radio projects. She’s married and has two children, Francesca and Tommaso.

Simona started out in 1989 working on the news for Montanelli’s ‘il Giornale’. The following year, she was hired by Luca Grandori to launch ‘Dove’. In 1993 she started working for the monthly magazine ‘Gulliver’ where she remained until she left her post as deputy editor in 1997 to become the deputy editor of ‘Capital’ with Mario Fortini at RCS.

Simona joined Mondadori in 1999, where she was meant to plan a new men’s magazine, but in 2000 the publishing company offered her a position as the director of As director, she designed and launched the web editions of the company’s magazines. In September 2002, Simona returned to the world of print as the deputy director for ‘Donna Moderna’. In 2005, she moved to a start up for R101 and coordinated the editorial plan for the news as well as planning the programs. She was called back to RCS in February 2006 to plan the new weekly magazine ‘Anna (A)’ as co-director. Simona then ran the magazine for three years, as co-director. In January 2010, she returned to the web as the director of, charting a new course for the website and planning and launching both (2012) and the first community channel (June 2013).

After having integrated Leiweb and Leifoodie into the new project for the website, in February 2014 she took on the role of Editor-in-Chief for Multimedia Projects and Managing Director for the new Editorial Departments at RCS MediaGroup. Her responsibility as managing director was to create new multimedia publishing projects. In January 2015 and continuing to the present, she took on the additional task of directing the multimedia system for ‘Dove’ (the monthly magazine and website, which is now the travel channel for In March 2016, she won the 8th edition of the “Biagio Agnes” International Journalism Award in the Tourism and Culture category.

In 2018, she won the XII edition of the Guidarello Award for Journalism and Tourism

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