Cristiano Esclapon

Founder of Club Italia Investimenti 2 and SiamoSoci

A solid career in the financial sector that began in 1986. Cristiano worked for the leading companies in the Italian and international banking sectors, from Banca Euromobiliare to Merrill Lynch private banking (now part of Bank of America) and Banca Esperia.

Always passionate about technology, in 2007 he began to devote himself to seed investments in digital startups both personally and for his clients.

In 2012 he was one of the promoters of SiamoSoci, a platform that aims to bring private savings into young and innovative companies through direct investments in capital. In 2013 he founded Club Italia Investimenti 2, a company that supports the main Italian accelerators in financing startups in the very early stages of life and helping them to adopt an efficient business model.

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