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When you look at the Earth from space, you see no borders: there are no nations, no boundaries. Earth is a single, big blue sphere that humanity has learned to call "home": this is what we want to tell at Open Summit 2017. That challenge startups are facing is not to reach just one more city, one more continent: it is a global market and a global challenge, each nation is an opportunity to seize.

We will talk about this at StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017: how to go beyond our country's borders, how to use our imagination, how to make our dreams come true. Come and talk with us: we need all of you working every day to build a startup, believing and investing in new companies, working to give everyone a chance to make it. We need your ideas and your enthusiasm, to think big. To go beyond borders.

Click on "Call for Startup" and submit your application to #SIOS17: you can be selected as one of the startup that will be on stage at StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017.

See you next December 18th in Milano!



Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is a digital entrepreneur, public speaker, broadcaster.
Marco is the Founder of Slashers and has an online community of over 700K people.
Marco curated and hosted Reporter Diffuso, Italy’s foremost television program about the internet on Sky News – Sky TG24 – for 7 years, interviewing thousands of leaders and innovators in the tech and media world in front of millions of viewers every Saturday morning.

Alex Zanardi

With his zest for life and his indefatigable ambition, Alessandro Zanardi is an inspiration for many.
His serious crash in 2001 was not the end of the career, but the start of a new, successful stage in his life.
Victories in the World Touring Car Championship and four handbike gold medals at the Paralympics: Zanardi is no stranger to making sporting history.

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